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April 20, 2016

We as a people are changing. We learn, we adapt, we evolve. I’ve noticed over the past few years, how older generations like to bash the younger ones for ways they are different, which isn’t a new behavior. It’s something that cycles over and over throughout history. My generation is regarded as “lazy” “whiny” and “easily offended”. It’s funny how our laziness has inspired the most creative thinking and greatest technological accomplishments. The lazier you are, the more creative you have to be to come up with a solution. Our brains are wired to think like that- to find an easier, more efficient way to get things done. We’re dreamers, imagining how we can shape the future. Every bit of knowledge is available at our fingertips, literally. Here’s an example of our “laziness”: I have this young tree growing in my backyard and I had no idea what it was. I could have called an expert to come out and look at it and tell me, but that seemed like a lot of work and a waste of money, so instead I found an app that scans leaves from plants and tells you what it is. I found out within minutes that my tree was a hickory, and I could easily look up how to care for it with a quick internet search. Was it laziness that kept me from getting in my car and driving a branch down to the nursery for advice? Maybe, but it saved me a lot of time and money!

Which brings me to “whiny”. Are we whiny or are we just voicing our opinion? I might come off as whiny if I said “I don’t want to drive down to the nursery or arbor specialist! That’s a dumb idea and a waste of time!”. In reality, it’s because I know of a better way to do something, and I don’t agree with the conventional way of doing it. The way of doing things has evolved. We aren’t whining, were just trying to let you know, our way is more efficient. 

This last one is one that I’ve been spending A LOT of time thinking about. Are we a more “offended” generation? In my opinion, maybe, but not for the worse. In relatively recent years, there’s been so many more cases of learning disabilities and behavioral disorders and we keep diagnosing them as issues that need resolving. Maybe these minds that we feel need mending and molding are really just stronger minds, gifted with empathy and deeper knowledge. People evolving into what the next generation needs. People with minds wide open and accepting to what the world has in store. The more we use our feelings, the more evolved we are. This is what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. So in my opinion, the “offended” people you’re trying to put down, are evolved beyond years from those who act out in aggression and rage, which is a very primal emotion. Those struggling with accepting their feelings and a society that makes them feel like there’s something wrong with their brain, is what’s wrong with the world. We should start questioning how a “disability” can become an asset. 

So maybe we’re lazy and whiny and easily offended, but I trust that the world is in good hands. We’ve made a pretty great impact on it already 🙂


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